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Reasonably good news.

So um, yeah... Some news.

1) I came out to my boss about being bisexual. Not about being transgendered yet. He was actually completely cool about it. Told me he used to live in West Hollywood and honestly couldn't care less. The amount of anger I've felt towards him has considerably lessened.

2) Alex and her boss now have an office on the third floor of the building our company is in. I now have my own office -- the office they used to be in, on the second floor. My former officemate stayed in our former office, which is right next door to mine. As a result of this, today at the end of my work day I was in an actual good mood... And had no knots in my back.

3) It's once again time for my bi-annual HRT doc appointment... Emailed Doctor Miller last week asking her to mail me the lab Rx sheet for whatever blood tests she'd like me to have done in prep for this appointment. She Emailed back and said she will. It still hasn't arrived.

4) Starting with my next paycheck, I'm apparently making $23/hour. My boss decided it'd be a good thing if I no longer had to take several hundred dollars from my dad every month to make ends meet. Yet another reason why my anger towards him has just lessened considerably. I'm probably going to be taking over paying for my Aetna health insurance ($303/month) which he's been paying for thus far, which will rid me of most of the money that will come from this raise. We're also hoping to get the acoustic drum kit out of storage and squeeze it into our apartment in some sort of folded up form this month... Once that's closed, that's another $130/month I won't have to rely on him for.

All in all... Things are, strangely enough, looking rather alright at the moment.
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