Kate6 (nmbr6) wrote,

I have a music area.

Alex has been getting fairly worried about my growing depression in the last few months... So at some point recently the suggestion came up that we should go down south to the storage unit and try to pull out some of my music equipment and find room for it in our apartment.

Soooo today we actually did that... And now I have a small music area.

In our apartment.

Where my dad isn't going to go home and make me stop playing... And where I don't have to cram everything into a tiny bedroom.

Here's photos of what it looks like at present:

Soooooo what's left in the storage unit now is basically my acoustic drum kit and my old Mac that has my collection of Simpsons episodes on it.

And a microphone stand.

And a large giganto-clipboard/drawing board of Alex's.

And that's it, I'm fairly sure.

We may make a second trip down there sometime later this month and get it all... And either move it into a smaller storage unit that's closer to our apartment or somehow fold it into our apartment. Obviously I won't actually be able to set up and play the acoustic kit at the apartment... But, yeah... I still want it. Just on the offchance that at some point I'll end up in a band again. One that might actually play live.


And I should probably say this... I'm extremely lucky to be with an absolutely amazing woman who loves me and supports me and goes out of her way to try to cheer me up when I'm depressed, even when it means helping me lug a bunch of musical equipment around and letting me set it up to occupy a large corner of the livingroom. I love her madly.

Well, I love her madly always, not just when she does amazing things for me.

But yeah.
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