Kate6 (nmbr6) wrote,

Murphy's Law

My laptop's power supply has died.

I have ordered a replacement from eBay, and picked a seller that's just up in LA county and that promises to ship most orders in 24 hours and ship em' out using US Priority Mail... So let's see how fast the replacement gets here.

And let's hope the replacement WORKS... I get the impression that with Dell more often than not pretty much any simple thing can turn into a headache.

In the meanwhile I'm online from a 266 MHz Pentium 2 that I found under a pile of stuff and managed to scrounge up a monitor, mouse and keyboard for. It had Firefox 1.0.7 on it when I first booted it up, just to give people an idea of how long it's been since I've last used this thing. :P But I installed the latest Firefox, and a few extensions, and Pidgin... So yeah.

In other news, it looks like I may get to meet the delightful and delectable Cara soon, who is currently in the San Diego area for ComicCon. Oh look, it's the Five Fingered Hand icon. *smirks naughtily*
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